The Visual Guide to Scale Model Dinosaurs

BOOK II is in the works and will not repeat any of the original (book I)'s contents.

  302pp/Softcover/Released November 2012  


Caution: As seen in Amazing Figure Modeler and Prehistoric Times
this is a real tangible BOOK, not a digital download or a photo
CD.  It has never been made available in those formats.

You can search eBay.com, amazon.com or forums but it is doubtful anyone will give up their copies!

Here's what customers have to say:

"Wow; you have certainly put together an excellent, informative and
invaluable book for dinosaur model collectors. I must say I've thoroughly
enjoyed reading it, I couldn't put it down all day - Christmas Day, and
yes, I keep going back time and time again to look at it. Really well done."
                                                            - Martin Garratt
                                                           Collector/sculptor/model painter

"Absolutely fantastic...You found a lot of models I was not aware of and pretty much covered all the models I could think of."
- Mike Fredericks, Prehistoric Times

"This book is amazing, I can't believe how much information you summarized here. I thought I knew nearly every fine sculpture but here I found a lot of artwork I've never seen before.  I think this is the most exciting book for someone like me, and every other dinosaur enthusiast. Thank you for this work."    
- Horst Bruckmann, supercollector


"Thank you! Thank you! It's helped me find and identify tons of kits. I looked at this book the most the past year. I have worn my copy out looking at all the dino porn in this book."
                                                        - Hideki Sato

"Love the book! Great write up and photos...the whole book is top notch!" 
                                - Bob Morales, veteran dino sculptor & 
co-author of Dinosaur Sculpting: The Complete Guide (2013)

"Been waiting for a book like this. Now I know what all what Kaiyodo put out before I started collecting."                        - Andreas Van Dette, collector 



The companion to the upcoming Dinosauriana volumes. The first comprehensive guide to non-toys - the collectible, high end resin, bronze, vinyl model dinosaurs. As it is the only book of its kind, it is sure to be a collectible itself when the print run is done.

History of commercial dinosaur models 
Full catalog of works by 200 artists and producers (showing scale, size, edition and year produced)
Over 1000 color photos
Over 200 genera represented
Special feature on sculpting dinosaurs and making dioramas
Artist roundtable Q & A
Index by genus
Collector commentary
Contact directory

---------Kaiyodo, Favorite Co. Ltd., Ants, Paleocraft, Saurian Studios, Sideshow, Wiccart, Trcic Studio, David Krentz, Cretaceous Creations, Dinosaur Studio, Dinosaur Foundry, Menagerie Productions, various Japanese artists and many more.

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